Powerful Professional Communication Training


People succeeding in different spheres in life, according to studies, have achieved that success in large part with improved communication.
With the Powerful Professional Communication Training you can:

  • Learn and practice the main factors in the advanced, influential and charismatic communication (one on one, group dynamic, other occasions, whether in the field of professional engagement, such as selling or managing, or in love relationships and friendships, family relationships or getting to know new people)
  • Design a self-confident personal and professional image;
  • Learn how your ideas can be more easily accepted, your communication to have an impact and to cause action;
  • Find out and close the “weak points” in your communication, send more precise and clearer messages;
  • Learn to “read” people;
  • Recognize the different types and situations of individuals and how to interact with each and every one of them;
  • Get rid of the stress produced by some “difficult” situations;
  • Enable yourself more work satisfaction and greater sense of realization in every field.
    Inspirit Coaching organizes this unique, applicable and powerful communication training, in which, with professional and experienced trainers and coaches, you have the opportunity to receive the following:
  • Improving the process and skills of communication in private and business situations;
  • A combination of approaches such as emotional intelligence, neurobiology and linguistics (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming), Personal Strengths (personalstrengths.mk)

    Upon completion of the training, the participants will be able to:

    1. to understand the whole process of communication (one-on-one, group);
    2. to recognize their internal state, patterns / programs of thinking, the value system that motivates them, and the values and programs of the interlocutor’s thinking;
    3. apply words and body language in the most appropriate way for effective communication;
    4. recognize the nuances in the interlocutor’s responses and, accordingly, modify their communication in order to achieve their intention and respect the other party;

The training takes place in a pleasant and modern space, combined with practices, coffee breaks and meals.

Each participant receives:

  • Working materials,
  • Certificate of participation,
  • International Personal Strengths Profile, with instructions (value 20 EUR).

Three-day training.

The group is limited to 10 participants.

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Team building workshop – Working better together!

Team building workshop – Working better together!


Do you agree that effective teams bring high results?

If you agree that the effectiveness of the teams increases with better knowing each other and respect each other, by giving support and walking in the same direction, if you are already thinking about where you are achieving the goals for the 2018 year, now is the time to take a little break, review the condition, relationships, dynamics and focus on what is good and what can be improved in the team (s) for the future.

Our unique workshop will help you to successfully create a positive and motivating atmosphere for your team and to face new challenges and goals. The previous successful workshops and the effects from them have confirmed that company managers are satisfied with the benefits of our work.

Through these team building workshops of ours, your team gets to know each other better, gets closer together in an easy and creative manner and thus creates a new synergy. You will receive answers about the challenges you face and you will become aware of the values and vision of the team, which leads to the creation of new strategies for advancement and achievement of the set goals.

If you want to create a fun, lasting and strong experience for your next workshop, for which the employees will talk about for days, request an offer for a half-day workshop (team coaching) or for extended versions. In that way, you invest in your team in the long run.

In Inspirit Coaching we can always further discuss the needs of your team; negotiate common guidelines, programs, goals and methods.

Methodology: Points-Of-You®


Increase the connectivity in your team,
talk through photos!

THREE main reasons why this method is the best:

  1. The pictures remain longer with us. Studies show that after a period of three days, we remain with 60% of what we have seen and 10% of what we have heard. Prolonged retention of decisions and “A-HA” moments in one’s thoughts is crucial to achieving realistic behavioral changes.
  2. The answer to the photos is physiological. This tool is applied and accepted regardless of age, language or culture. In working environments with different staff composition, this is of particular importance.
  3. When people connect with each other, they less protect their opinions and less condemn the opinions and ideas of others. In other words, the pictures exceed the level of representation of personal ideas and lead to broadening horizons and opening up to the ideas of others in the team.

Using photos and words in team building
has the power to transform communication,
relationships, collaboration, and performance.

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Public Speaking Training




The ability to speak in front of an audience, no matter if it’s three or three hundred people, is a chance to share your idea, your message, to sell your business, service or product to that audience. Still, one of the biggest obstacles that people face is the fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING.

With a number of job interviews, group meetings, presentations, workshops and public events, more and more people understand the importance of developing good communication skills in their company. However, the bigger part of the executive directors and employees continue to disregard and not notice the use of public speaking, leaving the progress and the better opportunities in their careers to those who are taking proactive steps to master this skill.

You can have the best products or services, years of experience or a brilliant business idea, but if you can’t transfer this to the target audience you limit your effectiveness and success. More often, the best inspiring stories in organizations and companies are left unsaid because people are indecisive or afraid to take the scene.

Regardless of whether your goal is improving the professional development, raising the business to a higher level, encouraging and motivating the people to follow you, you’ll need to improve your skills to transfer your ideas to a group of people, make it clear, structures and charismatic. The art of public speaking has many advantages that go deeper than just presenting a project or holding a successful meeting.

Therefore, we have prepared this Public Speaking Training for you to gain improved self-esteem and the process, for lasting positive effects and charismatic performances. Find out why already hundreds of participants, from various professions, companies, private, public and international institutions were so satisfied with this Public Speaking Training.

With the application of neurobiology and linguistics, NLP models and techniques, as well as basic rules of public relations (PR), through instructions, directions and practical exercises, after this Public Speaking Training, the participants are able to:

  1. To prepare for public speaking with more ease, clear intention and structure;
  2. To recognize their internal obstacles and to remove them in order to decrease the stage fright and discomfort;
  3. To make it easier to appear on the media as well as to give a brief statement if it is requested without preparation.


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Тим Билдинг – Working Better Together

Тим Билдинг – Working Better Together


Дали се согласувате дека ефикасните тимови носат високи резултати?

Ако се согласувате дека ефикасноста на тимовите се зголемува со подобро меѓусебно познавање и почитување, со давање поддршка и одење во иста насока, ако веќе размислувате до каде сте со остварување на целите за 2018та година.

Сега е вистинското време да направат мала пауза, преглед на состојбите, односите, динамиката и да се фокусирате на она што е добро и на она што може да се подобри/усоврши во тимот (тимовите) за во иднина.

Нашата уникатна работилница ќе Ви помогне успешно да креирате позитивна и мотивирачка атмосфера за Вашиот тим, и да се соочите со новите предизвици и цели. Претходните успешни работилници и ефектите од нив ни потврдија дека менаџерите на компаниите се задоволни од придобивките од нашата работа.

Низ овие наши работилници, Вашиот тим се запознава подобро, се зближува на еден лесен и креативен начин и така креира нова синергија. Ќе добиете одговори за предизвиците со кои се соочувате и ќе ги осознаете вредностите и визијата на тимот, а тоа води кон создавање нови стратегии за напредување и постигнување на зацртаните цели.

Ако сакате со Вашата наредна работилница да креирате забавно, трајно и силно искуство за коешто вработените ќе зборуваат со денови, побарајте понуда за полудневна работилница (тимски coaching) или, пак, за продолжени верзии. На тој начин, долгорочно инвестирате во Вашиот тим.


Во ИНСПИРИТ Коучинг секогаш можеме дополнително да разговараме за потребите на вашиот тим, да договараме заеднички насоки, програми, цели и методи.


Методологија: Points-Of-You®


ТРИ главни причини зошто оваа метода функционира најдобро:

  1. Сликите остануваат подолго со нас. Истражувањата покажуваат дека по период од три дена, во нас останува 60 % од она што сме го виделе и 10 % од она што сме го слушнале. Подолгото задржување на одлуките и „А-ХА“ моментите во мислите се клучни за постигнување реални промени во однесувањето.
  2. Одговорот на фотографиите е физиолошки. Оваа алатката се применува и се прифаќа без оглед на возраста, јазикот или културата. Во работни средини со различен состав на вработените, ова е од особена важност.
  3. Кога луѓето се поврзуваат едни со други, тие помалку ги штитат своите мислења и помалку ги осудуваат мислењата и идеите на другите. Со други зборови, фотографиите го надминуваат нивото на застапувањето на личните идеи и водат кон проширување на видиците и отворање за идеите на другите во тимот.

Користење на фотографиите и зборовите
во тимскиот коучинг со Вашиот тим,
има моќ да ја трансформира комуникацијата,
врските, соработката и перформансите.


078/ 262 279 и (02) 6 092 630