People succeeding in different spheres in life, according to studies, have achieved that success in large part with improved communication.
With the Powerful Professional Communication Training you can:

  • Learn and practice the main factors in the advanced, influential and charismatic communication (one on one, group dynamic, other occasions, whether in the field of professional engagement, such as selling or managing, or in love relationships and friendships, family relationships or getting to know new people)
  • Design a self-confident personal and professional image;
  • Learn how your ideas can be more easily accepted, your communication to have an impact and to cause action;
  • Find out and close the “weak points” in your communication, send more precise and clearer messages;
  • Learn to “read” people;
  • Recognize the different types and situations of individuals and how to interact with each and every one of them;
  • Get rid of the stress produced by some “difficult” situations;
  • Enable yourself more work satisfaction and greater sense of realization in every field.
    Inspirit Coaching organizes this unique, applicable and powerful communication training, in which, with professional and experienced trainers and coaches, you have the opportunity to receive the following:
  • Improving the process and skills of communication in private and business situations;
  • A combination of approaches such as emotional intelligence, neurobiology and linguistics (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neuro-linguistic_programming), Personal Strengths (personalstrengths.mk)

    Upon completion of the training, the participants will be able to:

    1. to understand the whole process of communication (one-on-one, group);
    2. to recognize their internal state, patterns / programs of thinking, the value system that motivates them, and the values and programs of the interlocutor’s thinking;
    3. apply words and body language in the most appropriate way for effective communication;
    4. recognize the nuances in the interlocutor’s responses and, accordingly, modify their communication in order to achieve their intention and respect the other party;

The training takes place in a pleasant and modern space, combined with practices, coffee breaks and meals.

Each participant receives:

  • Working materials,
  • Certificate of participation,
  • International Personal Strengths Profile, with instructions (value 20 EUR).

Three-day training.

The group is limited to 10 participants.

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