The ability to speak in front of an audience, no matter if it’s three or three hundred people, is a chance to share your idea, your message, to sell your business, service or product to that audience. Still, one of the biggest obstacles that people face is the fear of PUBLIC SPEAKING.

With a number of job interviews, group meetings, presentations, workshops and public events, more and more people understand the importance of developing good communication skills in their company. However, the bigger part of the executive directors and employees continue to disregard and not notice the use of public speaking, leaving the progress and the better opportunities in their careers to those who are taking proactive steps to master this skill.

You can have the best products or services, years of experience or a brilliant business idea, but if you can’t transfer this to the target audience you limit your effectiveness and success. More often, the best inspiring stories in organizations and companies are left unsaid because people are indecisive or afraid to take the scene.

Regardless of whether your goal is improving the professional development, raising the business to a higher level, encouraging and motivating the people to follow you, you’ll need to improve your skills to transfer your ideas to a group of people, make it clear, structures and charismatic. The art of public speaking has many advantages that go deeper than just presenting a project or holding a successful meeting.

Therefore, we have prepared this Public Speaking Training for you to gain improved self-esteem and the process, for lasting positive effects and charismatic performances. Find out why already hundreds of participants, from various professions, companies, private, public and international institutions were so satisfied with this Public Speaking Training.

With the application of neurobiology and linguistics, NLP models and techniques, as well as basic rules of public relations (PR), through instructions, directions and practical exercises, after this Public Speaking Training, the participants are able to:

  1. To prepare for public speaking with more ease, clear intention and structure;
  2. To recognize their internal obstacles and to remove them in order to decrease the stage fright and discomfort;
  3. To make it easier to appear on the media as well as to give a brief statement if it is requested without preparation.


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